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Best Places for Women & Diverse Managers to Work

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Primary and secondary research was gathered to obtain the information required to identify the most qualified companies for the 50 OUT FRONT: Best Places for Diverse Women & Diverse Managers to Work list. We are open to sharing our approach and methods to ensure transparency and credibility to all participants.

50 Out Front Companies

During the past decade we have intentionally worked on developing practical insights for talent management and diversity and inclusion strategies. Today we have achieved providing Fortune 500 companies as well as mid market companies with comprehensive information on current trends that allow leaders to make decisions today.

Inclusive Leadership Index

DiversityMBA’s methodology consists of a multi-tiered process:
  1. Registration of participating organizations,
  2. Completion of our survey,
  3. Rating of participants with the highest scores, and
  4. Secondary research to determine the Top 50.
While more than 650 companies registered to participate in the survey, only 359 qualified for the competitive rating to qualify for selection. Companies are selected based on scores for representation, board diversity, recruitment, workplace inclusion, retention, succession planning and accountability.

Diversity Benchmarking Index

The Diversity Benchmarking Index (DBI) is an additional platform to support companies’ efforts in identifying and understanding gaps in their D&I strategy.